Welcome to the 2014 Heart&Stroke Calendar Lottery in Alberta!

Our 2014 Winners Wall

Thank you for supporting the Heart&Stroke Calendar Lottery. Your generous support provides critical funding for the work of top researchers, enabling discoveries that prevent disease, save lives and promote recovery from heart disease and stroke.

All year long you will have the chance to win amazing prizes, all while helping to fund life-saving research that gives Canadians the chance for healthy lives free of heart disease and stroke.

Visit the 2013 Calendar Winners Wall to see thousands of winners from all over Alberta. We hope you see your town - and your name - on our 2014 Heart&Stroke Calendar Lottery Winners Wall!

Winners NameLocationCalendar #Prize
Apr 30TERESA LOVECALGARY1146421$3,000 Daily Prize
Apr 30LYNNE COLTEREDMONTON3204622$20,000 Monthly Prize
Apr 29WILLIAM MANNERFELDTEDMONTON6155752$3,000 Daily Prize
Apr 28COLLEEN DEAREDMONTON6101516$3,000 Daily Prize
Apr 27VIOLET REBERVALLEYVIEW3069863$3,000 Daily Prize
Apr 26ANNE MARIE MARSHALLBRANT6184374$3,000 Daily Prize
Apr 25ANTOINE BOUVIEROYEN3179741$3,000 Daily Prize
Apr 25JEAN-PIERRE CHIASSONDEVON6181026$10,000 Weekly Prize
Apr 24MILLIE COLLINSCALGARY1051821$3,000 Daily Prize
Apr 23VERLA SHERICKDIDSBURY6087295$3,000 Daily Prize
Apr 22GRACE BARBERAIRDRIE3041222$3,000 Daily Prize
Apr 21FRANCES KROESSHERWOOD PARK3041211$3,000 Daily Prize
Apr 20SHERI WYLLIECALGARY3139623$12,000 Holiday Prize
Apr 19KEVIN SHAWEDMONTON6162605$3,000 Daily Prize
Apr 18LEONA WILSONCOLD LAKE3021491$3,000 Daily Prize
Apr 18RUBY WOODLACOMBE6208343$10,000 Weekly Prize
Apr 17FELICITAS A ENEROEDMONTON3050142$3,000 Daily Prize
Apr 16SHANNON EVANSSTONY PLAIN1065421$3,000 Daily Prize
Apr 15WILF GOSSENEDMONTON6011015$3,000 Daily Prize
Apr 14ERNEST WIENS ROSEMARY3163472$3,000 Daily Prize
Apr 13ALYSHA GARTNERSPRUCE GROVE6039332$3,000 Daily Prize
Apr 12MARLENE MCGOWANEDMONTON1007291$3,000 Daily Prize
Apr 11SHERRY WEIREDMONTON1269551$3,000 Daily Prize
Apr 11JOANNE THEOPHILEWESTEROSE6144606$10,000 Weekly Prize
Apr 10CHERYL KRUGERGRANDE PRAIRIE3173912$3,000 Daily Prize
Apr 9LISA SALTEREDMONTON6020162$3,000 Daily Prize
Apr 8YVONNE ANDERSONGRIMSHAW3196742$3,000 Daily Prize
Apr 7VALERIE WILSONCALGARY6190676$3,000 Daily Prize
Apr 6DAVID ORLECKITWO HILLS3030103$3,000 Daily Prize
Apr 5BLANCHE BARWELLCALGARY1265681$3,000 Daily Prize
Apr 4ANGELE BROSTCALGARY1299951$3,000 Daily Prize
Apr 4RACHELLE MONCRIEFFEDMONTON6003806$10,000 Weekly Prize
Apr 3JACK MACINTYREEDMONTON6178033$3,000 Daily Prize
Apr 2LINDA COURTRED DEER COUNTY6129724$3,000 Daily Prize
Apr 1DONNA GINGRASELK POINT3133602$3,000 Daily Prize
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