Welcome to the 2014 Heart&Stroke Calendar Lottery in Alberta!

Our 2014 Winners Wall

Thank you for supporting the Heart&Stroke Calendar Lottery. Your generous support provides critical funding for the work of top researchers, enabling discoveries that prevent disease, save lives and promote recovery from heart disease and stroke.

All year long you will have the chance to win amazing prizes, all while helping to fund life-saving research that gives Canadians the chance for healthy lives free of heart disease and stroke.

Visit the 2013 Calendar Winners Wall to see thousands of winners from all over Alberta. We hope you see your town - and your name - on our 2014 Heart&Stroke Calendar Lottery Winners Wall!

Winners NameLocationCalendar #Prize
Jan 31SYDNEY COULASCALGARY1281081$3,000 Daily Prize
Jan 31JOANNE BENNETTCALGARY3098001$10,000 Weekly Prize
Jan 31WENDY SULZLECALGARY6165531$20,000 Monthly Prize
Jan 30SANDRA BILODEAUCALGARY1193991$3,000 Daily Prize
Jan 29LESLIE COOPERCALGARY1361861$3,000 Daily Prize
Jan 28RAYMOND KIMBERLEYLETHBRIDGE6069236$3,000 Daily Prize
Jan 27ALLISON MOROTOLICOLEMAN3081832$3,000 Daily Prize
Jan 26TEX BROTHERWOODLETHBRIDGE3021373$3,000 Daily Prize
Jan 25DARCY BELLMEDICINE HAT6118282$3,000 Daily Prize
Jan 24KELLY KEENEDMONTON6005754$3,000 Daily Prize
Jan 24BLUE GLAUSERMEDICINE HAT6030755$10,000 Weekly Prize
Jan 23JENNA ELLIOTTEDMONTON6100921$3,000 Daily Prize
Jan 22JONATHAN ROSENKECALGARY6150623$3,000 Daily Prize
Jan 21GEORGE GODDARDCALGARY6185003$3,000 Daily Prize
Jan 20BRENT SAWATZKYCOLD LAKE1085711$3,000 Daily Prize
Jan 19LYNN HARPEREDMONTON6163202$3,000 Daily Prize
Jan 18MARGARET FULLERTONCALGARY3018022$3,000 Daily Prize
Jan 17DORIS BUHLERCARBON6056306$3,000 Daily Prize
Jan 17MAUREEN BARCLAYCALGARY6145444$10,000 Weekly Prize
Jan 16MELANIE BILANST ALBERT6144151$3,000 Daily Prize
Jan 15JOHN BARBIERCALGARY1326711$3,000 Daily Prize
Jan 14DOREEN HUNKAEDMONTON6032962$3,000 Daily Prize
Jan 13GINO BERNARDFORT MCMURRAY6061186$3,000 Daily Prize
Jan 12KELLIE LINESRED DEER6011274$3,000 Daily Prize
Jan 11JULIE SEIBMEDICINE HAT3175301$3,000 Daily Prize
Jan 10ERIC MILNERCALGARY3003123$3,000 Daily Prize
Jan 10JAMES CAMPEAUCALGARY1418241$10,000 Weekly Prize
Jan 9DARLENE LAKUSTAEDMONTON1229511$3,000 Daily Prize
Jan 8DONALD CORRIVEAUWHITECOURT6024533$3,000 Daily Prize
Jan 7GEORDIE FAICKNEYCALGARY6154822$3,000 Daily Prize
Jan 6ROLF AUNETCALGARY3130482$3,000 Daily Prize
Jan 5JAMIE LAURENTCALGARY3160052$3,000 Daily Prize
Jan 4NEERAJ MUDHOLKARBEAUMONT1106481$3,000 Daily Prize
Jan 3JOHN KOHUTDRUMHELLER6173471$3,000 Daily Prize
Jan 3ANDRE PICHECALGARY6201076$10,000 Weekly Prize
Jan 3MICHAEL BADMINGTONCALGARY6151983$50,000 Early Bird Prize
Jan 1TREVOR DEWANCALGARY6003712$3,000 Daily Prize
Jan 1SHARYN HONEYWELLCALGARY1221051$12,000 Holiday Prize
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