Welcome to the 2014 Heart&Stroke Calendar Lottery in Alberta!

Our 2014 Winners Wall

Thank you for supporting the Heart&Stroke Calendar Lottery. Your generous support provides critical funding for the work of top researchers, enabling discoveries that prevent disease, save lives and promote recovery from heart disease and stroke.

All year long you will have the chance to win amazing prizes, all while helping to fund life-saving research that gives Canadians the chance for healthy lives free of heart disease and stroke.

Visit the 2013 Calendar Winners Wall to see thousands of winners from all over Alberta. We hope you see your town - and your name - on our 2014 Heart&Stroke Calendar Lottery Winners Wall!

Winners NameLocationCalendar #Prize
Nov 30MARY GAIL RANDALLST ALBERT6160141$3,000 Daily Prize
Nov 30MARIA A ZAMBONELLICALGARY6196995$20,000 Monthly Prize
Nov 29FERENC DODONYCALGARY3178463$3,000 Daily Prize
Nov 28MONIQUE LABOSSIERECALGARY6017971$3,000 Daily Prize
Nov 28ALLAN HARRISONEDMONTON6099054$10,000 Weekly Prize
Nov 27GERALD MAKOHONIUKEDMONTON6050274$3,000 Daily Prize
Nov 26ERIN MURPHYHINTON6136254$3,000 Daily Prize
Nov 25LISA JONESHILLCREST MINES6107384$3,000 Daily Prize
Nov 24BARNEY BUCKLECARSTAIRS3154591$3,000 Daily Prize
Nov 23ANDREA EDWARDSRED DEER6114975$3,000 Daily Prize
Nov 22CAROL GRUBELLETHBRIDGE6116504$3,000 Daily Prize
Nov 21KENNETH ARMSTRONGCALGARY6167352$3,000 Daily Prize
Nov 21JOHN WILSONFORT MCMURRAY3051953$10,000 Weekly Prize
Nov 20DAVID BENNETTDRAYTON VALLEY6037486$3,000 Daily Prize
Nov 19JACK D TALBOTCALGARY6031822$3,000 Daily Prize
Nov 18DAVID HUARDLLOYDMINSTER6077845$3,000 Daily Prize
Nov 17PETER & MARGO KUCHMAST ALBERT6099402$3,000 Daily Prize
Nov 16ALISHA RAYMONDFORT MCMURRAY1213411$3,000 Daily Prize
Nov 15MAXINE FRANCHUKLAC LA BICHE3099511$3,000 Daily Prize
Nov 14NINA LIVESLEYCANMORE6007485$3,000 Daily Prize
Nov 14CHRIS ROBISCHAUECALGARY3199392$10,000 Weekly Prize
Nov 13DANA PIPKEWHITECOURT1350931$3,000 Daily Prize
Nov 13DEBBIE THOMPSONSPRUCE GROVE6191806$12,000 Holiday Prize
Nov 12BRENDA WYATTAIRDRIE6090822$3,000 Daily Prize
Nov 11JAMES WOTTENFORT MCMURRAY6172433$3,000 Daily Prize
Nov 10NORM KIRKCARSTAIRS3204681$3,000 Daily Prize
Nov 9RITA MANUELBARRHEAD6020031$3,000 Daily Prize
Nov 8ELAINE PALKOEDMONTON6095283$3,000 Daily Prize
Nov 7DONDA MITCHELLCALGARY6118112$3,000 Daily Prize
Nov 7SHELLY CASPERLETHBRIDGE6180902$10,000 Weekly Prize
Nov 6JOAN NEILSONVEGREVILLE3165852$3,000 Daily Prize
Nov 5MARCIA SAWCHUKVEGREVILLE1157851$3,000 Daily Prize
Nov 4LORNA WRIGHTCALGARY6162202$3,000 Daily Prize
Nov 3KAREN MOLLERSONCALGARY6198273$3,000 Daily Prize
Nov 2BRADY MACDONALDAIRDRIE3126823$3,000 Daily Prize
Nov 1DONNA STEELELACOMBE6067874$3,000 Daily Prize
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