Welcome to the 2014 Heart&Stroke Calendar Lottery in Alberta!

Our 2014 Winners Wall

Thank you for supporting the Heart&Stroke Calendar Lottery. Your generous support provides critical funding for the work of top researchers, enabling discoveries that prevent disease, save lives and promote recovery from heart disease and stroke.

All year long you will have the chance to win amazing prizes, all while helping to fund life-saving research that gives Canadians the chance for healthy lives free of heart disease and stroke.

Visit the 2013 Calendar Winners Wall to see thousands of winners from all over Alberta. We hope you see your town - and your name - on our 2014 Heart&Stroke Calendar Lottery Winners Wall!

Winners NameLocationCalendar #Prize
Feb 28GORDON MONTGOMERYSPRUCE GROVE1374491$3,000 Daily Prize
Feb 28DELLA MARCIACALGARY1400531$10,000 Weekly Prize
Feb 28VINCENT ARSENAUTCALGARY3182203$20,000 Monthly Prize
Feb 27BRAD KILFOYEDMONTON3179462$3,000 Daily Prize
Feb 26STUART TRAPPST ALBERT3170272$3,000 Daily Prize
Feb 25DENNIS KALYNCALGARY3129963$3,000 Daily Prize
Feb 24ELEANOR CHRISTIEMEDICINE HAT6132471$3,000 Daily Prize
Feb 23AMIN BARDAIEDMONTON1418231$3,000 Daily Prize
Feb 22GEORGE CAMPSALLEDMONTON1278281$3,000 Daily Prize
Feb 21MARY DACYK FAIRVIEW3070493$3,000 Daily Prize
Feb 21ALVIN STONEEDMONTON6006145$10,000 Weekly Prize
Feb 20MARIE SATHERBEAUMONT3057193$3,000 Daily Prize
Feb 19CAROLE ANN GARDYCALGARY1305991$3,000 Daily Prize
Feb 18DONNA LESSMEISTERBOWDEN1224751$3,000 Daily Prize
Feb 17ROSE COCCIMIGLIOCALGARY3041873$3,000 Daily Prize
Feb 16RICHARD ZAHNCALGARY6203253$3,000 Daily Prize
Feb 15ELAINE DONAGHEYST ALBERT1103821$3,000 Daily Prize
Feb 14JUDY ROBERTSONMEDICINE HAT3016431$12,000 Holiday Prize
Feb 14LES BRUCKERCALGARY1361491$3,000 Daily Prize
Feb 14KEN ADAMSBLACKFALDS3192292$10,000 Weekly Prize
Feb 12MURRAY TRAPPCALGARY1406021$3,000 Daily Prize
Feb 11AUDREY HOSACKSPRUCE GROVE6116671$3,000 Daily Prize
Feb 10HEATHER MORGANAIRDRIE6003326$3,000 Daily Prize
Feb 9RITA KWIATKOWSKISEBA BEACH6113432$3,000 Daily Prize
Feb 8VERA GOERTZENCALGARY1274701$3,000 Daily Prize
Feb 7JUDY MORLEYEDMONTON6160382$3,000 Daily Prize
Feb 7MARIT BUCKLEYCALGARY3148801$10,000 Weekly Prize
Feb 6TAMMY KEIZERCALGARY1381101$3,000 Daily Prize
Feb 5PHILIP HOLMANCOCHRANE1246451$3,000 Daily Prize
Feb 4TERENCE HOLLANDCALGARY3178453$3,000 Daily Prize
Feb 3LEANNE POHLEDMONTON6042925$3,000 Daily Prize
Feb 2ANDREA AND KEITH TANDYCALGARY1217071$3,000 Daily Prize
Feb 1ROSS ARNFINSONRED DEER COUNTY6085321$3,000 Daily Prize
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