Welcome to the 2014 Heart&Stroke Calendar Lottery in Alberta!

Our 2014 Winners Wall

Thank you for supporting the Heart&Stroke Calendar Lottery. Your generous support provides critical funding for the work of top researchers, enabling discoveries that prevent disease, save lives and promote recovery from heart disease and stroke.

All year long you will have the chance to win amazing prizes, all while helping to fund life-saving research that gives Canadians the chance for healthy lives free of heart disease and stroke.

Visit the 2013 Calendar Winners Wall to see thousands of winners from all over Alberta. We hope you see your town - and your name - on our 2014 Heart&Stroke Calendar Lottery Winners Wall!

Winners NameLocationCalendar #Prize
May 31COLETTE WALKERHINTON6133486$3,000 Daily Prize
May 31JEFF HAIGCALGARY1226471$20,000 Monthly Prize
May 30EDDIE JOCSONCALGARY6105955$3,000 Daily Prize
May 30RICHARD BREMNERCANMORE6069564$10,000 Weekly Prize
May 29MARY KLAMSKIDRUMHELLER3104412$3,000 Daily Prize
May 28NGUYET HACALGARY6016826$3,000 Daily Prize
May 27RAY BOSSESPRUCE GROVE6032495$3,000 Daily Prize
May 26MICHELE GIBSONCALGARY3035403$3,000 Daily Prize
May 25BLAIR STEFFENEDMONTON3191531$3,000 Daily Prize
May 24WENDY FORTINCALGARY6016614$3,000 Daily Prize
May 23CALVIN A GILLINNISFAIL6009592$3,000 Daily Prize
May 23GARRETT GILLESPIEBLACKFALDS6040173$10,000 Weekly Prize
May 22WENDY KLINGEMANNCALGARY3025672$3,000 Daily Prize
May 21TOBY BRANDONOWAY1081091$3,000 Daily Prize
May 20DAVE CHABOTCOLD LAKE6143171$3,000 Daily Prize
May 19DANIELLE BOILEAUEDMONTON3042232$3,000 Daily Prize
May 19IRENE DUPUISGIBBONS6111776$12,000 Holiday Prize
May 18JODIE HEBERTELK POINT6042712$3,000 Daily Prize
May 17BEVERLEY TALLMANCALGARY1114301$3,000 Daily Prize
May 16ALYSSA ZORADRUMHELLER3097181$3,000 Daily Prize
May 16CAROL CORRIGALEDMONTON3183562$10,000 Weekly Prize
May 15KERRIE PENNYCALGARY6202563$3,000 Daily Prize
May 14CAROL HARVEYSHERWOOD PARK6174652$3,000 Daily Prize
May 13JANET SHEARSEDMONTON3113943$3,000 Daily Prize
May 12JOSH BERGERLEDUC6178743$3,000 Daily Prize
May 11WR HANSONRED DEER3032833$3,000 Daily Prize
May 9KRISTI SIKORSKISTONY PLAIN1251711$3,000 Daily Prize
May 9KATALIN WOYCECHOWSKYCAMROSE3121102$10,000 Weekly Prize
May 8PAMELA RAYCALGARY6164034$3,000 Daily Prize
May 7CRAIG PORTERSTONY PLAIN6165595$3,000 Daily Prize
May 6CARROLL MCDONALDOYEN1157231$3,000 Daily Prize
May 5TIM LINDSAYCALGARY6131865$3,000 Daily Prize
May 4DONNA BENSONLACOMBE3197412$3,000 Daily Prize
May 3DAVE MURPHYEDMONTON3159483$3,000 Daily Prize
May 2HAZEL COLPCZAR1194151$3,000 Daily Prize
May 2DWAINE PALMERLLOYDMINSTER6193652$10,000 Weekly Prize
May 1DAVID STEPANKOCALMAR6195622$3,000 Daily Prize
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